These last few years have seen a good deal of growth in the area of home construction. It?s exciting that this trend is expected to grow by a half million (or more) new homes constructed in 2014 – keep your eye out, real estate agents! What can be expected in terms of architecture during this period of growth? While trends in architecture certainly don?t happen overnight, below are a few concepts we may see pop up to a greater degree in the New Year:


People are now thinking of their homes more and more as a spot of relaxation and tranquility. This trend manifests particularly in bathroom architecture. 2014 will probably see an increase in more spa-like bathrooms reminiscent of what travelers may find in upscale hotels?with over-sized tubs and large walk-in showers. What a dream?

Environmentally Friendly

Correlating with an increasingly environmentally-conscious population, it?s no wonder that more and more homes are being built to play to the strengths of their region?s climate. 2014 will see more large windows installed to allow sunlight and heat into homes, and more of a particular kind of pitched roof built in areas of higher winds that reduces energy consumption and monetary costs. The term ?passive homes? may grow in popularity, as more and more people consider building houses that take ?passively? advantage of the elements.


Some older and more sophisticated home concepts have made resurgence and are expected to gain even more popularity in the coming year. Queen Anne style and Craftsman homes, in particular, are gaining ground, as columns and large porches are once again in vogue.

Room Flexibility

It?s growing increasingly common that multiple generations live together in the same house. An interesting trend for 2014 is the construction of homes with flexible square footage that can be utilized for future needs. This space is designed to allow for privacy and to accommodate future needs. As the Baby Boomers age, planned flexibility in new homes is more popular now than it?s been in a long time.

Centrally-Located Kitchens

The traditional out-of-sight-out-of-mind kitchens are now totally relegated to the distant past. Rather, kitchens are growing more and more central to the functioning of homes, as centrally-located kitchens with room for various tasks and activities are more popular than ever. The New Year will see more kitchens built to serve both as meal preparation stations and areas for families to congregate and perform other activities.

2014 is right around the corner and bringing numerous changes within the real estate industry along with it! Buyers and sellers will be seeking homes with these amenities so keep these trends in mind and stay ahead of the game!

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