A recent report by Black Knight, a data analysis and financial services firm, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL concludes now may be the best time to refinance.? Interest rates continue at low rates and continue to fall.? Potentially 7.5 million Americans may save a considerable amount of money.

This assessment came to fruition after analyzing data from consumer price index, national equity, as well as U.S. data present in the active mortgage populace.? Recent reductions in the 30-year mortgage interest rate manifest the explanation for why now is the best time to refinance.

Mortgage rates averaged more than four percent earlier in 2014 (a higher rate than in the previous two years); six million borrowers met the criteria for refinancing prior to the drop. That number has now increased by 25 percent, up to 7.4 million. In addition, those approved at rates ranging from 4.2 to 4.5 made a similar decision; the number could rise to as high as 9.1 million.

Black Knight also gave another indication of an improving housing market in mentioning more than half of all borrowers now have 30 percent or more equity in their homes. Such numbers have not been seen in almost eight years, and coincide with a drop of those borrowers with negative equity; a number now 33 percent lower than it was in December 2011.

Recent estimates indicate the home price growth is slowing, thus the market is still attractive for new home buyers who can take advantage of the mortgage rates.? According to Zillow, the home value index was $176,500 in the month of September; the slowest price growth in the past year; although it was 6.5 higher than last year at the same time.? The monthly appreciation in home prices has now reached 28 consecutive months, a span that dates back to May 2012.

Zillow?s chief economist, Dr. Stan Humphries was not surprised at the drop and feels that under normal market conditions, a three percent increase in home prices would help balance the market between buyers and sellers.

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