It?s no surprise that people from every industry, including real estate and finance, are worried about automation. While there are plenty of popular technological solutions that can help mortgage originators perform better, we are a long way off from having automation take the industry over. While homebuyers can now make an application online, each needs a human eye. And there are plenty of other tasks you do that computers, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools are just not complex and competent enough to do.??

However, they can help you do it. Embracing automation instead of being afraid of it can lead to huge benefits for your business, from increasing efficiency to lowering your overall stress. Here are a few big reasons you should embrace automation, even just a little.


Even the most organized, conscientious lender makes mistakes when doing something simple, like transferring information from one form to another. That?s the kind of task that technology can handle for you. Anything you?d describe as simple or rote can likely be handled by some kind of software. This is a faster solution. You won?t have to do the task and you?ll spend less time correcting mistakes. As you know, speed and accuracy are important factors when you?re providing mortgages.


The best part about automated solutions for your business isn?t the efficiency it lends you, it?s the time. With automation taking a great deal of work off your shoulders, you can spend more time on building relationships, talking to clients, finding leads, and otherwise fostering the business. The human connection can?t be replicated by machines, and it?s also the part of the job that many people enjoy most. It?s enriching and important to handle your company?s relationships.

Customer Satisfaction

People?s expectations have changed. There?s an app for everything, they can pay their parking ticket online, and they can get connected with experts through chat, not phone calls. Your customers expect convenience and automated tools can help you deliver that convenience.

Our information-saturated world has also changed expectations about expert advice. Someone filling out your application form online may need your guidance. Now, you have the time to focus on them. Providing wiser customer service, not just more convenient service, is a huge advantage.

Keep Up With Your Competition

What happens when your competition embraces an automated solution that makes them more efficient, more correct, and allows them to offer more convenient and more consistent customer service? They start winning your customers. The good news is, if you adopt these solutions first, it can be you on top instead of them.

Mortgage originators tend to be reluctant to adopt technological changes. Most haven?t even started publishing, though there are at least nine reasons mortgage lenders could benefit from publishing. Don?t get left behind your competition. In this rigid world, early adopters will receive big rewards.

Experience the Acuity Difference

Acuity National Real Estate Solutions offers clients a 24-hour portal to access, upload, and download files at any time. Even as we continue to redefine what a title agency can be, Acuity National Real Estate Solutions is committed to staying true to its guiding principle: providing individualized service without sacrificing efficiency.

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