Timely ReferralsThe most valuable thing about your business isn?t made of metal though having a golden one certainly doesn?t hurt. It?s your business reputation, and it?s crucial to word-of-mouth marketing and getting valuable referrals to bolster your business. A recent Nielsen study confirmed that 92 percent of consumers said they trust a friend or family member?s recommendation above all else when considering a product or service. But how do you get someone to give a good referral? Simple: you make sure they?re happy, and then you ask.

Following Through

Asking a customer for a referral is much easier said than done. Immediately after a customer leaves your business, so does their train of thought, even if they were happy with their service. Most referrals are empty promises or flat out denials, so how do you ensure that a customer will tell that friend they?re ?always meaning to bring in? or post that five-star LinkedIn review? After you ask, request that they send you a copy of the review as confirmation once they have written the review online or told a friend to use your business. If you don?t receive confirmation, follow-up with a ?thank you? message as a gentle reminder. Most importantly, make the process easy for the person who is referring. If your request isn?t quick and painless, the customer won?t bother, no matter how little work is required.

Be Punctual and make it a habit

The best time to ask for a referral is when the customer is at their happiest. If you ask too early, you may seem too eager and turn them off. Asking too late guarantees your request will be forgotten. Once you have fully delivered your great customer service, follow up with asking them to post an online review or testimonial. Make it a habit as well. It?s easy to get one good review, but having multiple positive testimonials on your site solidifies your reputation as a great business.

Take care of the customer

At the end of the day, the customer?s best interest should be in mind. Incentivize a customer?s referral with a discount on a future visit. Not only does this show your gratitude, but it also boosts the chance of repeat business and the chance that they?ll refer a friend. Remember, they are doing you a favor, not the other way around. Also, a hearty and sincere ?thanks!? goes a long way.

A great reputation

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