Have you taken stock of what went well in 2016 and what areas need improvement? Have you set an agenda for 2017, creating clearly defined goals? If so, Acuity National Real Estate Solutions is a national title agency that can help you achieve them.

A National Title Agency Streamlining Any Transaction, Anywhere

Acuity National Real Estate Solutions is an attorney-owned, client-focused national title agency that wants to help you succeed in 2017. We automate labor-intensive steps to streamline turnaround times and reduce the number of vendors you have to work with by providing:

  • ? Residential and Commercial Transactions
  • ? Title Clearance
  • ? Lien Release Processing
  • ? Document Recording and Retrieval
  • ? Property document preparation
  • ? E-recording

Efficient, Individualized Service

We provide individualized service without every sacrificing quality or efficiency, and we?ve achieved this by providing:

  • ? An after-hours closing hotline where you can get actionable advice on your transactions
  • ? A 24-hour client portal where you can access, upload, and download files at any time

What?s Your Goal for 2017?

Improve your cash flow? Close more purchase transactions? Better serve your market? Whatever your goals are in 2017, we can help. To learn more about our national title agency and our services, please visit our homepage today!