In early April, a large group of influential technologists, bankers, service providers, CIOs, COOs, and CEOs met with mortgage industry leaders in Los Angeles at the National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference. The gathering was filled with diverse conversations on many topics, but one question served as an overriding theme: how will the mortgage industry be rebuilt?

As a rare confluence of mortgage companies and technology-driven luminaries from a range of other fields, the event became an opportunity for lenders to face a vision of the future of their industry. If you weren?t there, here is a brief recap of some of the themes that stood out in three days of speeches and presentations.

Alternative Credit Models

The conference?s first two speakers, the CIO of Experian and the CEO of Tavant Technologies, got things started by highlighting the important role that alternative credit models are likely to play in the near future in the lending industry. Their other main point of discussion centered on the current and future challenges presented by regularly dealing with massive global data centers.

Completely Digital Mortgage Origination

One of the featured panel discussions focused on the goal of making mortgage origination a 100 percent digital endeavor. The CIO of Fremont Bank, the COO at Employee Loan Solutions, and the former CIO of National MI, led a group talk on the challenges and benefits of ?going paperless,? in general, and the all-digital mortgage, specifically.

The discussion raised many points of interest to lenders, including:

  • Most consumers would experience real benefits from a fully digital mortgage origination process because lenders could provide a clear, binding decision earlier in the process.
  • Lenders would benefit by being able to rapidly integrate asset, employment, and income information
  • The lending process of the future is extremely likely to be a completely online experience built around digitally gathered and managed information

Better Leveraging of Technology

Throughout the conference, speakers expressed clear agreement that leveraging technology will be a necessary skill for all successful mortgage companies. Many presenters highlighted the importance of using technology innovation throughout the whole origination process, not just at the point of sale.

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