I must let you know of the outstanding contributions that Dawn Lowry made to the successful closing of a most difficult Short Sale transaction recently. I say recently, but only in reference to the Closing. This transaction was actually started in October of 2016.

Dawn’s willingness to stop what she was working on every time we needed another new Settlement Statement. I believe there were seven requested by the Servicing company (SPS), is a testament to the high level of customer service that she consistently brings to The Jimmy Welch Team!

This was not a simple bank sponsored short sale. This was a third-party servicing company with a lot of delaying tactics and much frustration felt by all who were involved. The enthusiasm she showed with each request I made and, most importantly, the timeliness in receiving the documents, cannot be understated. We would not have been able to get this to closing had it not been for getting all SPS requested documents back to them as quickly as we could. I must state this again. We would not have been able to get this transaction to the Closing Table without Dawn.

Her contributions have meant so much to me, The Jimmy Welch Team, to the Seller and especially, the new homeowner!

- Janet Beaulieu, Close Coordinator, Jimmy Welch Team.

For more than five years, First Commonwealth Mortgage Corp has entrusted the care of its customers to Freibert and Mattingly Title Group, LLC. Shawn, Dennis and their staff have consistently maintained an exceptional standard of accuracy, quality and professional service that places them well above the competition. We have closed over 3500 loans with Freibert and Mattingly, and they provide by far the best level of service and support we have seen in the industry. On many occasions, they have gone above the normal responsibilities to ensure our customers are taken care of. Their client-first mantra is what sets them apart.

- John Shunnarah, Owner, First Commonwealth Mortgage

I recommend Acuity as an excellent title & closing office. I have been working with them over the past 5 years and have never been disappointed with the work I’ve received. I find their office to be very responsive to any questions, and they always respond to emails or phone calls quickly.

Acuity is very knowledgeable and provided constant updates on any changes to their service areas or procedures. I’ve enjoyed working with Acuity and appreciate the professional efficient manner in which they operate.

- Garrett Mays, Vice President of Valuations & Vendor Management, US Real Estate Services
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