As mortgage interest rates continue to rise steadily, many lenders are taking a second look at the standards they use to qualify buyers. Some analysts believe that a general loosening of the income and credit requirements currently in place could promote a healthier housing market and increased opportunities for homeownership among families across the U.S.

Increased Opportunities for Lenders

Relaxing the underwriting guidelines for consumer mortgage loans could potentially open up new avenues of profits for banks and lending institutions hard hit by recent increases in mortgage rates and consequent reductions in refinances and new loans. Many economic analysts believe that current lending standards are too stringent, resulting in a tight money marketplace. By taking a measured approach to loosening the purse strings,?lenders?can potentially serve a larger percentage of mortgage applicants and increase profitability for their institutions.

Improved Chances of Success for Borrowers

By relaxing the standards used to determine whether a borrower is creditworthy, more prospective home buyers will be eligible for mortgage loans. This can provide a welcome boost to the economy and can allow families that would otherwise be stuck in the rental cycle to begin building equity and wealth by owning their own homes. While no one is advocating a return to the conditions in place prior to the housing market crisis, a thoughtful approach to relaxing some standards could provide added help for many potential home buyers.

Support for Modern Lenders

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