Is your home ready to attract the serious buyers?you know, those who are already represented by an experienced real estate agent and who have taken the step of being pre-qualified for a loan so as to be able to make a quick offer when the right opportunity comes along? Attracting this sort of buyer should be your mission if your house is on the market; what you don?t need is the attention of the ?just looking? sort of quasi-buyer that tours open houses for Sunday entertainment. Employing the right real estate agent can actually be very helpful when encouraging the serious buyer.

What attracts a qualified and serious buyer?

Your main competition for the attention of the serious buyer you want are the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and the new housing developments that can lure home shoppers with shiny new construction and a host of exclusive amenities. However, keep in mind that buyers nowadays also want more than ever to have value for the money they invest. Consult with your agent to ensure that your sales price is realistic for market conditions.

The best way to attract serious buyers, actually, is to present a home that?s already in move-in condition. Doing so makes it easier for your agent to market your property to buyers who are seriously seeking a new home. Unclutter the rooms so they look more spacious, and fix anything that?s broken. A fresh bit of paint and flowers can easily increase curb appeal as well. Additionally, make sure to depersonalize your living space so that potential buyers who are serious about purchase can easily visualize themselves living there. Any extra touches you can add really do make a difference, whether there?s a recently remodeled kitchen or some new appliances to sweeten the deal.

Setting the Stage

Hiring an agent that uses effective tactics for marketing your home can attract more serious buyers while deterring the ?just looking? time wasters. For example, your agent can make exciting online presentations that offer appealing photographs, information about amenities, data about local schools, and special features that will make serious buyers want to book an appointment.

Insist that your real estate agent separate serious buyers from the less serious sort at any scheduled open house by verifying identification. The? ?just looking? crowd won’t want to provide contact information and shouldn’t be admitted to wander around your house.

Acuity image sold home

By using savvy marketing techniques, along with smart staging techniques, your home should be ready for rapid sale at the best price to a home buyer that is qualified and ready to go.

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