blog_img_2Anyone that’s ever gone through the process of selling their home knows it requires quite a bit of work. You prep your home to impress potential buyers spending lots of time and money for necessary changes, such as renovations, upgrades, and improving curb appeal, but one significant mistake can dramatically distract buyers from your home. Make sure your home sales price is at its best and buyers are lining up to purchase your house with these home selling tips.

Dirt and Clutter

It might be incredibly obvious, but your home should be as spotless as possible for showings. Nothing turns a buyer off more than seeing unnecessary clutter or dirt; especially when it comes to the furniture or walls throughout the showing of a home. Try to clean and organize anything and everything in the home to the best of your ability, and get rid of any distracting or unpleasant smells. You want buyers focused on your home and property, not your untidiness.

Overbearing Sellers

Quite simply, it’s best to stay away and not be present for any showings or open house events for your home. Attending private showings and open houses can create multiple problems. Prospective buyers, for example, may feel timid or shy exploring your home or feel hesitant to ask questions to your agent. Trust that your agent knows your home well enough to sell it and communicate what makes your residence exceptional.


It’s no secret that buyers despise wallpaper. Your home is no exception and that outdated, highly themed, or brightly colored wallpaper is only a distraction to the many other fabulous features of your home. Renovate your wall space by removing the wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint. Choose a neutral palette to create a showpiece for buyers to envision the home being their own.


The main idea when selling your home is to give home shoppers an inviting, attractive value that is consistent with the current market. The last thing you want is for a buyer to put your home on the back burner in hopes of the price will go down in the future. Overpricing often communicates that you just aren’t serious about selling. You want serious buyers and a good agent who uses comps to price your abode competitively will ensure that only eager buyers enter your home and present reasonable offers.

Misleading Photos

Lastly, make certain any listing photos accurately depict the various features of your home. Avoid using a wide-angle camera lens that distorts rooms and give the illusion of king-size kitchens and closets fit for a castle. This sets the buyer up for disappointment when they arrive only to find that the rooms in your house are the size of a postage stamp. Use photos that entice your buyers, not deceive them.

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