Acuity Blog 2The year is coming to an end, and real estate and title industry professionals are revamping their business plans for 2015.? As most focus on the big picture, sometimes it?s the small things that matter most.? Acuity has nine key elements to include in your fresh 2015 business plan.? It will change the way you conduct business so that you achieve more success in 2015.

1. A Strong Mission Statement

The mission statement is the framework of your professional goals. Why are you a real estate professional? What are your hopes for your career?? Your mission statement is the ?what? and your business plan is the ?how.?

2. Analyze Your Abilities

SWOT is an acronym for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.” Analyzing these factors provides the framework for the remainder of your plan for growth.

3. Technology Planning

Technology has expanded and is an essential business tool for today?s marketplace.? Your Internet strategy must be seamlessly integrated for effective marketing, time management, data storage, and communicating timely and securely to clients.

4. Forego the Complex

Simple and realistic objectives make a strong business plan.? Focus on your strengths and delegate out your weaknesses.? ?You can’t do everything and if you try to, in the end, you will accomplish nothing.

5. Account for the Controllable

Every aspect of a title processing business plan should equate to controllable action items. You can control the number of calls planned for the day or week, but you can?t control interest rates or housing prices.? Stick with the constant facts and you will remain a success.

6. Measureable and Time-Oriented

Make goals specific enough that they can be measured.? For example, present five seminars on, ?How to Manage REO Transactions with Ease? by April 2015.? This idea is measurable with a specific date of completion.? Hence, you either make the goal or not and can track your progress for added motivation.

7. Build a Strong Team

The teambuilding concept falls back to simplicity and you can?t do it all.? Great success doesn?t come without a terrific team.? Build up a support group of members you respect that are willing to offer mentoring and counsel.? Advice from experts in sales, investing, accounting, ethics and spirituality will strengthen your business and keep you honest.

8. Exit Planning

An exit strategy eases anxiety about the unforeseen future.? Create an exit plan for each one of these contingencies; voluntary or involuntary retirement with or without a sale, death, disability, or bankruptcy.? Your plan should list each of the possible exits and your solutions.

9. You Won’t Reach Perfection

Remember, short and simple wins the day. As you move through your busy days, you will discover new things to add, items to drop and improvements to make. Focus on the essentials during business hours like sales calls, marketing, prospecting and selling time.? Stick to the things that matter during the day and during ?off? time, tweak your business plan.

Contact Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC today at (502) 238-7500.? We provide our clients the best of both worlds?old-fashioned professional excellence supplemented by the cutting edge technology necessary for an optimized process and smooth, speedy transactions. In today?s market, you need an agile title and closing partner that can still keep its feet on the ground.



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